• Coaxial SpeakerThese newly developed coaxial speakers deliver an extraordinary sound quality that defies the compact design of their housings.
    Engineered for precise directivity and uniform throw patterns, they provide the same satisfying audio experience from every listening position, with far greater resistance to Feedback.
  • DSP: Digital Sound ProcessorThese models come with a powerful DSP. Serving as an active crossover and controller, it splits and limits the signal and aligns phases and delay times.
    Best of all, it even enables dBTechnologies’ engineers to fine-tune the enclosures for the most balanced response.
    It is this perfect balance that ensures your signals – speech, playback tracks, and live music – are sent accurately in every detail.
    That makes a dBTechnlogies product a real all-rounder for every sound reinforcement challenge.
  • Multifunctional HousingA multifunctional housing offers many placement options, for instance as a floor monitor, satellite speaker in combination with subwoofers or as a fullrange system on pole mounts.
  • Preset SystemThe opportunity of modifying the character and equalization of a speaker is a very important prerogative in adapting a speaker to multiple functions.
    The introduction of the Preset System enables to choose directly from the box the most adeguate equalization for the desired use, optimizing performances without the need of external processors.
    The management of phase, limiter and x-over will be modified automatically depending on the chosen set-up, preserving the internal acoustic equipment.


Technical Data

Speaker Type : 2-Way Active Coaxial Stage Monitor

Acoustical data

Frequency Response [+/- 3dB] : 67 – 20.000 HzMax SPL : 126 dBHF : 1 “Type HF : compression driverHorn : CD HornLF : 12″


Amp Technology : Digipack™Amp Class : Class DPower PRG : 600 WPeak Power : 1200 W


Controller : DSP 24bit/48kHzSystem Presets : 8 presetsLimiter : Dual Active
Peak, RMS, Thermal


Housing : Multiplex with H.E.T coating, reinforcedHousing Design : Multifunctional, Low ProfileAngles Up : 2 monitor angles °Width : 490 mm (19.3 in)Height : 290 mm (11.41 in)Depth : 410 mm (16.14 in)Weight : 17 kg (37.48 lbs)